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Welcome to the South Carolina Prosperity Project

The leaders we elect will make decisions impacting South Carolina companies' ability to compete and grow in the global marketplace. This affects each of us - our jobs, our economy and our families' future.

Candidates are talking about jobs, taxes, workforce development, energy and the environment. You need to know how these issues impact the prosperity of every South Carolina worker and their families.

A Strong State Needs A Strong Voice...YOURS!

It's About Jobs!

The nonpartisan Prosperity Project is supported by South Carolina businesses working to make South Carolina the state businesses want to locate in and create jobs.

When you are informed, we collaboratively support actions that improve our economy and foster new opportunities for job growth. Use the South Carolina Prosperity Project to stay informed on the issues that concern you most. As the South Carolina General Assembly and United States Congress take action in the coming weeks and months, we'll tell you how they're doing - and how you can express your views.

The South Carolina Prosperity Project outlines what we as a state can do to attract quality new businesses, economic opportunities and overall prosperity for our citizens. Our state priorities will focus on: